Cuterobo Scanner

Cuterobo Scanner is a camera-based scanner for originally-rectangle-shaped documents. It features a flattening algorithm that tries to fix distortions in the content.

Using the traditional perspective correction, this is the result of a typical scan of a book.

Our flattening algorithm fixes the distortions such that each line is now perfectly aligned with the horizontal axis.

How to Use

Before scanning is performed, user should select the type of the document to be scanned by pressing the menu button and then select Document Type.

Now, select the desired type.

  • General: only perspective correction
  • Paper: for one sheet paper scanning (it will not work for a paper that is folded at the corner)
  • Book: for book scanning

It is recommended that scanning is performed on a contrasting background and such that the document is viewed from the top. Although it will work in certain cases, sideway viewing like the following is not recommended.

Next, user should adjust the region-of-interest by scrolling the circle-and-plus button at the top left corner. Please ensure that the document boundary is enclosed within the gray area. So the following is correct.

while these are incorrect.

When everything is set, press the camera button to start scanning. Here is the typical result when General scanning is performed.

and here is when Paper scanning is performed.